Be your own boss!

You think it sounds like fun to be a Mia Pasta franchise, we understand!
Becoming a franchise with us means having the best of both worlds. Owning your own restaurant while having access to full support.


A Quebec


Our distributors are local and our head office is located in the greater Montreal area. 


A franchisor who cares

about you

You will never be alone in your adventure, because you will have a franchisor at your disposal who will support you in all your start-up steps. From the search for a location for your future restaurant to the official opening, you will have access to constant support. As an owner of several restaurants himself, he knows the reality of the situation on the ground!


The opportunity to participate in writing

our future

Mia Pasta franchises have been in operation for only a few years and we already have more than a dozen restaurants across the province and the country. So, there's still time for you to participate in building our history. We believe that we advance further as a team, by sharing our knowledge and expertise. That's why we only have people who are passionate about what they do and who are determined to contribute to our collective success.

What are you waiting to open
your own Mia Pasta in your area?

Support and coaching

One of our greatest assets is the support and coaching that franchisees receive.

Joining us means having access to:
  • A marketing team that supports you on a daily basis, but is also constantly thinking about what to do in the future.
  • An agency that has an overall vision of all franchises and a concern for the brand's image.
  • Support for the start-up of the franchise as well as the opening.
  • Training for all stages: we never leave you alone.



We have all the answers!

Karim Barake

CEO | Franchisor

Muhammad Siddiqui

Chief Operating Officer